Security Webinar Feb 2022

Intelligentsia organized the first of its kind webinar in India titled “Helping Businesses Navigate Disruptive Security Risks in India”. The webinar was a great experience for Intelligentsia and the team! The 100+ registrations was a huge boost for our morale! Our attendees came from diverse backgrounds – security and BCM professionals, intelligence analysts’, government functionaries, investors and business heads.  This made the conversations and the follow ups much more enriching.
The topics covered helped the decision makers to understand how any change in the geopolitical, political, social, and market landscape can pose a definite security and a business threat to companies.

The topics covered were:

Resource conflicts: Understanding the disruptive implications

By Bipasha Bhardwaj, CEO,Intelligentsia Risk Advisors

The focus was  on the interlinked and the complex security risks emanating from the conflicts surrounding natural resources. Several projects of Intelligentsia were shared to highlight the security threats emanating from conflicts over resources. For instance, how climate change has substantially led to terrorism in the Sahel region, how a large manufacturing company in India faced local opposition due to water sharing, and how local tribals’ conflicts impacted the bottom line of a large foreign cosmetic giant.


Disruptive landscape of the deepening maritime conflicts

By Shraddha Bhandari, ex-CEO, Intelligentsia Risk Advisors

This session analyzed the geo-political and the multidimensional business impact of the deepening maritime conflicts. The focus has shifted to Asia where the Chinese ‘nine-dash line’ claims clash with the maritime aspirations of other Asian stakeholders. It has taken the form of increasing militarization, impact on FON operations, skirmishes of coast guard/navies on the seas and nationalist protests, economic sanctions and cyber warfare. With brinkmanship increasing the risk of accidental escalations – companies need to understand the risk triggers and its manifestations.


Impact of social movements in the age of unprecedented digitization

By Maj Gen (retd) Sravan Marur, leading security expert

Sravan spoke about the bottom line impact of popular movements propelled by social media and NGO action on businesses. The movements (eg. climate strikes in 2019, Indian farmers’ strikes etc) were led by a generation that can harness rapidly evolving technology, grow more amorphous and decentralized in their nature . Hence, it has become imperative for the industry to identify triggers, up their social media monitoring and create a robust plan for on-spot reporting and BCM planning.


Nation states and hybrid warfare

By Mark Calvert, Director Calvert and Associates

Mark highlighted the expanding spectrum of warfare as a result of the increasing use of illicit hybrid warfare activities conducted by nation states and proxies. These included election interference, mis- and disinformation, arbitrary detention, coercive diplomacy and cyberattacks with intended and unintended impacts. As a result, companies are forced to continually evaluate their security resources, structures and processes to address these complex risks.