Case Study: Risk Based Due Diligence


Intelligentsia Risk Advisors conducted a risk-based due diligence intelligence of Company X, a multi-million dollar conglomerate in the Indian oil and gas sector. The due diligence was to be conducted to only ascertain and gather intelligence about the various allegations that the conglomerate and its founder/chairman has been facing in the last 5-6 years. Based on the interactions with the client, Intelligentsia devised a due diligence intelligence framework that would provide actionable intelligence to enable informed decision making.


IRA’s approach is to follow a comprehensive and a 360-degree interaction with various stakeholders that can provide our client with a consolidated understanding of the risk factors and the potential solutions. We achieve this by interactions (telephonic, meetings and/or emails) with the stakeholders to get grass root level intelligence that can be used to devise client specific risk mitigation strategies.

Intelligentsia Impact

  • For each of the subjects (including the Chairman) IRA provided an understanding of the background and market reputation, with specific focus on any adverse issues associated with each of the subject individuals and entities.
  • Issues studied included instances of unethical practices and reporting in media of regulatory probes, land allocation and acquisition etc.
  • Description of management structure of subject companies – identification of the decision-makers within each entity.
  • Ascertaining hiring rationale for leadership, including analysis of personal connections and adverse issues with executives.
  • Financial analysis of liquidity situation and overall financial health.
  • Analysis of political connections of subject firm: specific examples of leveraging political connections, quid pro quo and business impact. Inputs on key influencers or mediators in these business-political relationships.
  • Based on the risk framework, Intelligentsia created a focused team of sector specialists, senior market research analysts, project coordinator and a senior risk management manager to undertake the comprehensive project.

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