Case Study: Risk based Market Intelligence Review


Intelligentsia Risk Advisors conducted a risk-based market intelligence and research in the Indian beverages sector. The research was conducted to facilitate a client’s business diversification and entry into the Indian beverages segment. Based on the interactions with the client, Intelligentsia devised a market intelligence framework that would ensure market entry, operability and sustenance of the client in the sector.  Going beyond the traditional mandate, Intelligentsia also included location threat assessment as part of the project to apprise the client of any security-related threats impacting assets and manufacturing facilities that can cause business disruptions in the future.


IRA followed a comprehensive and a 360-degree interaction with various stakeholders that provided our client with a consolidated understanding of the risk factors and the potential solutions. This was achieved by interactions (telephonic, meetings and/or emails) with the stakeholders to get grass root level intelligence that can be used to devise client specific risk mitigation strategies.

Intelligentsia Impact

Based on the risk framework, Intelligentsia created a focused team of sector specialists, senior market research analysts, project coordinator and a senior risk management manager to undertake the comprehensive project. The project involved in-depth analysis of the Indian beverages sector attuned to the overall vision and objectives of the client. The project involved identifying the challenges that the sector faces in terms of production, storage, marketing and distribution.

Based on the findings over a period of 8 weeks, IRA presented the findings related to the beverages segment to help the client understand the operational and investment strategies. Intelligentsia provided the client with a comprehensive understanding of the following:

  • Policy ramifications
  • Skill availability, labour management
  • Challenges associated with the segment
  • Customer insights
  • Security and ‘disruptive’ risk analysis
  • Challenges faced by competitors
  • Product and business cycle

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